Mary Jo Ross

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Mary Jo is an accomplished professional who has owned multiple businesses with a history of national accolades and professional success. Her current work as a sought-after speaker, author and advocate arose from her passion to help the most vulnerable avoid or escape from the type of severe abuse she survived in her formative years.  

Long Bio


As a lived-experience survivor of familial sex trafficking as well as someone who broke away from a generational satanic cult, Mary Jo today speaks and teaches practical insights on childhood abuse to groups of medical professionals, law enforcement, and non-profit leaders.  Mary Jo turned her exploitation and abuse into not only living as a thriver but advocating for those who can’t speak for themselves. Initially, she funneled that passion towards individuals struggling with cancer. As a communications professional Mary Jo created a business that managed several non-profit oncology associations. She advocated for and led initiatives to improve cancer coverage, passing seven state laws which continue to benefit cancer patients today.  

On her road to wholeness, her primary coping skill to avoid thinking, feeling, and dealing with her trauma was workaholism. She continues to heal and now also writes and shares practical tips as well as authored a book for recovering workaholics.  

She is the author of two books: Can My Business Survive My Vacation?  and STOP THE SILENCE® Thriving After Child Sexual Abuse  

Today she remains hopeful to also affect legislation to provide “a voice for the vulnerable” in the form of increased knowledge, information to recognize the most often unseen and unreported crimes against children. 

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