I believe collaboration is necessary for advocacy, education, and speaking out for those who can’t speak for themselves. These are some of the organizations I collaborate with:

The Demand Project 

Our Mission
“The Demand Project (TDP) exists to eradicate human trafficking, online enticement, child sexual abuse material, and the commercial sexual exploitation of children.

Our Strategy
“TDP’s strategy for fighting these crimes is the Prevention of victimization through awareness and education; the Protection of victims/survivors by providing access to quality attorneys, restorative justice, and pursuing civil litigation; to assist law enforcement with the Recovery of victims by providing Victim Advocate Support Teams; and the Restoration of survivors by empowering them to choose their own Journey to Freedom through the non-residential and residential Journey to Freedom Program.”

Nurses United Against Human Trafficking 

“The purpose of NUAHT is to provide human trafficking educational content, resources, current research
and trends; to offer powerful insight requiring advocacy efforts for legislative/policy initiatives; and to
establish best practices in care for this marginalized population with the overall aim of developing and
empowering nursing experts and healthcare professionals throughout the country and around the

Room Redux

“Room Redux is a nonprofit organization that focuses on transforming the rooms of children who have faced sexual or physical abuse. Room Transformation can be a powerful tool to foster healing, as many times abuse occurs in a child’s room or bed, making the room itself feel unsafe.

As a result, children may stop sleeping, start acting out or may become depressed, avoiding their room entirely. Through donations and grants, Room Redux fully transforms children’s rooms so they will feel comfortable and safe. A new room = a new start.”