Can My Business Survive My Vacation?

Does your well-deserved vacation always stay an elusive “concept?” Or, is there a pattern of planning times of rest and bliss consistently getting bumped to next year?


I used to be that business owner with four full-time staff who erroneously decided that “no one else can handle” things. Please don’t believe the lie I did for ten years. There is another way, and bottom line, your organization gets healthier when you implement the systems to have focused time away. Your personal life gets richer. You are less exhausted and stressed. The business benefits from applying the planning steps needed to step away.

Have you convinced yourself of the lie that “once things slow down,” you will take that quality time away with your family/partner/ or just yourself to pursue your life dreams or bucket list?

Let’s face it. Life doesn’t last forever. If you are ready to own your time, reclaim your life, and live for something other than keeping your business afloat, I’ve got you.

I’ll bet you’ll have a list of your own. Here are some of the thoughts that used to taunt me in the wee hours of the morning:

  • I wonder which “things” will slip through the cracks while I’m gone.
  • Since I’m the only one who knows everything, I can only be gone for 1-2 days.
  • How well prepared is my staff if there’s an IT disaster…. or another type?
  • What will come up that my team won’t be ready to handle?
  • What if a VIP client insists they need a project done ASAP, and it can only be done by me?
  • I need a vacation from my vacation, lol!
  • Will my family/partner/friends be upset when I bring my work with me? Again.

Do some of these thoughts hold you back when you consider planning for that well-deserved break for time to unplug, rest, refresh, and relax?

ROI on Taking a Vacation

Practical things you can do before, during, and after your vacation to ensure a relaxing, refreshing time away
from work while your business continues its day-to-day operations.

“Taking time away and fully unplugging from the company is critical. Too many owners look back later in life and wish they would have found more time for family and friends. Do not make that mistake. In addition, taking time away from the company also benefits the business. It gives your leadership/management team a chance to see how well they can perform without you.”

Patrick Ungashick

CEO ♦ Author ♦ Speaker, Navix Consultants

“If you plan ahead, create social connections on the trip, go far from your work, and feel safe, 94% of vacations have a good ROI in terms of your energy and outlook upon returning to work. Just make sure you plan the trip at least a month in advance, as one of the key predictors of vacation ROI is the amount of stress caused by not planning ahead.” 

Shawn Achor and Michelle Gielen in Harvard Business Review.

I’ve designed this workbook as a tool to support the leader I used to be. I struggled with the following conflicting realities:

  • You WANT a vacation but WORRY about what will happen to your business while you are on vacation.
  • You’ve reached BURNOUT and NO LONGER CARE to know what will happen to your business when you are absent.
  • You take work WITH YOU on vacation; only to return more tired than when you started your vacation. (Your FAMILY IS NOT HAPPY either…..)
  • You haven’t had a vacation in a while and WANT TO FEEL GOOD about what is happening in your business while you are on vacation.
  • You are a MANAGER and are pretty concerned about what YOUR EMPLOYEES will do when you are on vacation.
  • You are a SPOUSE OR FAMILY MEMBER who is tired of not being able to have a TRUE vacation because the other person is tied up with work.
How this book is organized

This book is organized into three very distinct sections:

Before your vacation

Before your vacation is written to ensure thoroughness regarding all the areas to be addressed in detail before you leave.

During your vacation

During your vacation let’s you enjoy your vacation stress-free, to the fullest.

After your vacation

After your vacation asks all the questions you may want to ponder as you feel rested from your adventures and confident in what your company accomplished in your absence.

Each section details items to be addressed and completed with blank lines added so you can customize each point to your situation.

A business owner since 2007, Mary Jo now helps other small business owners to do such things as preparing their businesses so the owner can take a “real” vacation. She believes every small business owner should be in control of their business and not vice versa. 

MJ knows all too well the realities faced by today’s small business owners.  She was the executive director for six different state professional associations for 14 years and the owner of an association management company for ten years simultaneously. MJ realized she had been worn down by traveling 26 weekends a year for several years in a row.   

There was no end to the cycle.  Her business owned her.  To stop, or even slow down, meant a literal end to her livelihood.  Her company had become a lifetime sentence.  No chance for parole. 

Rather than become another victim, MJ decided to help herself, and in the process, commute the sentence of female small business owners and help them break this cycle of their businesses owning them. She became the mentor that she had needed all along. 

She is passionate about “future-proofing” businesses to succeed and last as long as the owners want them to. That’s where she came up with the idea of preparing your business for vacation. 

Mary Jo enjoys travel and has visited 30 countries, all 50 states, and 33 parks. An avid reader, she has read thousands of books and is finally writing ones of her own. She enjoys being a member of the Burlington Better Speakers Toastmasters group.

In addition, Mary Jo volunteers with The Demand Project in Tulsa, OK, USA, which exists to eradicate human trafficking, online enticement, child sexual abuse material, and the commercial exploitation of children through prevention, protection, recovery, and restoration. A 501©3 nonprofit, TDP provides services and resources for adult and child survivors across the United States. 

Mary Jo Ross
text: 918.261.8951 


Co-author and Publisher

Peter Biadasz, President of Total Publishing And Media, has authored/co-authored 18 books including “Write Your First Book,” now in its 2nd edition and “More Leads,” a handbook for networkers.

He is also a very active public speaker. His areas of expertise include Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, as well as a degree in Psychology, aiding him to build bridges between the often-diverse worlds of social and natural sciences.

Enjoy Peter’s Video Shorts on YouTube and Facebook. Feel free to contact Peter at

Can My Business Survive My Vacation?

A Practical Guide for Business Owners and Managers Who Dream of Taking A Vacation

Can My Business Survive My Vacation?

A Practical Guide for Business Owners and Managers Who Dream of Taking A Vacation

Ideal Gift for:  


  • Travel agents
  • People you know who love to travel
  • Dreamers who want to go on vacation
  • Workaholics
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business owners
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  • The most successful businessmen and women in your life

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