Stop the Silence
Thriving After Child Sexual Abuse

I was asked to author chapter 8 in this book after publicly sharing my 90-minute podcast interview with Merianne Drew about “My Story.”

In it, I share the struggle to find professionals who would even listen to me, let alone believe me, and help me do what I needed to break the cycle of abuse and protect my children.

It also includes tips for supporters of child sexual abuse survivors.



I applaud Dr. Pine, and the powerful authors and survivors involved with this tremendously healing book, who so courageously are lifting up the very important voices of survivors worldwide! The testimony of their experiences of trauma, victimization, and resilience are inspirational guides for all who have suffered from child sexual abuse, and for all who dedicate their careers to supporting survivors on their path of healing. I am heartened by the bravery of all the men and women who shared such important journeys in this book and am thankful for how the stories and tools they have offered will raise awareness, increase compassion, and amplify the critical work of preventing child sexual abuse and promoting the support and resources needed for adult survivors. I share my sincere gratitude for the wisdom and love shared in these pages, which will surely help so many others to heal and indeed thrive!” 

Sandi Capuano Morrison, MA, Chief Executive Officer
IVAT- Institute on Violence, Abuse and Trauma –

Eloquently written with tangible and practical strategies for healing, Stop the Silence: Thriving After Child Sexual Abuse is a must-read for survivors and those who serve them. Each of the chapters is penned by a different expert or survivor imparting lessons not just for surviving, but truly thriving after trauma.”

Angela Rose, Founder & Executive Director, Promoting Awareness | Victim Empowerment (PAVE) &

“Offering practical guidance and eloquent prose, Stop the Silence: Thriving After Child Sexual Abuse enables all of us to learn from those who have experienced the fearsome side of life and whose courage has lighted a path toward a better future.” 

Victor Vieth, Chief Program Officer for Education & Research, Zero Abuse Project,


Together, we can stop the silence.

Stop the Silence® is a division of The Institute on Violence, Abuse, and Trauma (IVAT) with a mission to expose and stop child sexual abuse (CSA) and help survivors worldwide.

Thanks to the efforts of experts and healers around the globe, we’re preventing CSA and promoting the healing of victims and survivors, celebrating the lives of those healed, and underscoring CSA as social justice and civil rights issue.

This brave collaboration brings together real stories and powerful tools from practitioners and survivors who have been on the front lines of the fight for justice and healing. Together, we’re normalizing the conversations around sexual abuse, bringing awareness to our communities, and empowering victims and their families. 

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